JOBST FarrowWrap Lite Armpiece REGULAR (Tan) 常規(棕褐色)


FarrowWrap offers an alternative for patients who may have difficulty wearing a traditional compression garment. FarrowWrap technology allows the compression level to adjust to the user and is made of durable fabric that still provides a comfortable feel.
FarrowWrap is an elastic, short-stretch garment that offers varying levels compression, depending on the user’s activity level. Compression levels are higher when users are active, while remaining at a steady level while at rest. This allows swelling prevention even when inactive. Using this technology, FarrowWrap gives reliable resting compression levels and improves the body’s natural muscle pump action, all while helping to minimize swelling throughout the day, no matter what the user is doing.

FarrowWrap為可能難以穿著傳統壓縮服的患者提供了另一種選擇。 FarrowWrap技術允許壓縮水平適應用戶,並且由耐用的織物製成,仍然提供舒適的感覺。

FarrowWrap是一種彈性,短彈力的衣物,可根據用戶的活動水平提供不同程度的壓縮。 當用戶處於活動狀態時,壓縮級別會更高,而在靜止狀態下,壓縮級別會保持穩定。 這樣即使在不活動時也可以防止腫脹。 使用該技術,FarrowWrap可以提供可靠的靜息壓縮水平並改善人體的自然肌肉泵動作,同時無論用戶在做什麼,都有助於最大程度地減少一天中的腫脹。


Brand Name: JOBST FarrowWrap
Made in Mexico
Shelf life: (on outer packing)
Storage: room temperature
Features and Benefits:
– 20-30mmHg
– Can be used in combination with dressings
– Variants can be machine washed and tumble dried
– Please note: application of JOBST FarrowWrap armsleeve is different
– It is atomically contoured and has an integral liner so can easily be applied using one hand

品牌名稱:JOBST FarrowWrap
– 20-30mmHg
–請注意:JOBST FarrowWrap袖套的應用不同:它具有原子輪廓,並且具有一體式襯裡,因此可以輕鬆地用,單手穿著。

重量140 g
尺寸20 × 3 × 30 cm
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