JOBST FarrowWrap Classic Legpiece, REGULAR「小腿壓力衣」(標準)


The JOBST FarrowWrap Classic Legpiece is designed for moderate to severe edema control and resists popping into skin folds. Recognized as the “Original FarrowWrap” it is used and loved by people all over the world.

Product Features

A gold standard for control of stubborn edema and lymphedema
Resists rolling or popping into skin folds
Must be hand-washed and laid flat to dry


JOBST FarrowWrap Classic「小腿壓力衣」專為控制中度至嚴重水腫而設計,可防止縮皺而影響皮膚。「Original FarrowWrap 」早被世界各地人們認同,並且喜愛和廣泛使用。

• 對於控制頑固性水腫和淋巴水腫方面的必備標準產品。
• 防捲曲及防縮皺而影響皮膚。
• 必須手洗並平放晾乾。


Brand Name: JOBST FarrowWrap CLASSIC legpiece
Made in Mexico
Shelf life: (inside packing)
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Features and Benefits:
The original material that has been clinically proven over many years of use on thousands of patients worldwide. The rigid nature of the material offers performance beyond the com-pression range making it excellent for patients with moderate to severe edema.
– Compression: 30-40 mmHg
– Moderate to severe chronic edema/lymphedema
– Suitable for edema with skin folds and irregular limb shapes
– Durable, rigid fabric with a comfortable feel
– Reinforced spine for easier donning
– Less likely to roll down and will not work into skin folds
– Hand wash only and lay flat to dry


品牌名稱:JOBST FarrowWrap Classic「小腿壓力衣」(標準)
產地: 墨西哥
經過多年臨床實證,這種原材料已在全球數千名患者中使用。 該材料的剛性特點使它在中度至嚴重水腫患者提供了極佳而精準的壓力表現。• 二級壓力:30-40 mmHg (CCL 3) 。
• 中度至嚴重慢性水腫/淋巴水腫。
• 適用於皮膚皺褶和肢體形狀不規則的水腫。
• 材質堅韌耐用,親膚舒適。
• 加固壓力衣縫合設計,方便穿戴。
• 防捲曲及不易跣下,避免皮膚產生皺褶。
• 必須手洗並平放晾乾。

重量180 g
尺寸21 × 3 × 30 cm
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