JOBST Bella Strong Armsleeve 20-30mmHg, LONG (Natural)強力手臂套20-30mmHg,長(自然)


JOBST ® Bella™ Strong Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve and Gauntlet – worn together or separately – effectively control moderate to severe lymphedema and edema.

Patients are more likely to be compliant when they feel comfortable wearing a compression garment. The advanced JOBST® Bella™ Strong two-waystretch armsleeve has been developed to make compression therapy more comfortable without Compromising medical efficacy.

Jobst Bella Strong was developed with the highest technology to deliver true compression with all-day wearing comfort. Individuals are more likely to be wear a compression garment when the fabric has been designed to keep them cool and dry. Air permeability is determined by knit structure. It is easy to see that one of many benefits of the Jobst Bella Strong is that it will keep your skin cooler and drier than other arm sleeves. Donning is also made easy. Not only does it require less force to put on the Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve versus other arm sleeves, but each one is also packaged with an individually designed easy-to-use donning device. This device was created to ensure everyday donning with ease of fabric distribution for all day comfort and therapeutic efficacy.

JOBST®Bella™結實耐磨的手臂袖和長手套 – 一起或分開佩戴–可有效控制中度至重度淋巴水腫和浮腫。
JOBST®Bella™ Strong先進的雙方向式伸展手臂套, 能使加壓治療不影響醫療功效, 同時保持舒適。

Jobst Bella Strong採用最先進技術開發,可提供全天穿著舒適的真正壓縮效果。當用料同時能保持涼爽和乾燥,使用者更能適應穿著壓力衣物。透氣度由編織結構決定。JOBST®Bella™ Strong眾多優點之一是它比其他手臂袖子更能保持你的皮膚涼爽和乾燥,穿著也變得容易。與其他臂套相比,穿上Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve所需的力更小,而且每個臂套還包裝有單獨設計的易於使用的穿戴裝置。設計的目的是確保日常穿著方便,以實現全天舒適性和治療功效。


Brand Name: JOBST® Strong armsleeves
Made in Mexico
Shelf life: (inside packing)
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Features and Benefits:
– JOBST® Advanced comfort quickly wicks moisture away from the skin
– Comfort Flat wristband on armsleeve eliminates rolling and improves durability
– Armsleeve available in two lengths: Regular & Long
– Each armsleeve comes with JOBST® Donning Aid
– Extended wrist on gauntlet decreases constriction
– Flat seams on gauntlet for increased comfort
– JOBST Bella Strong Glove utilizes flat-knit technology

品牌名稱:JOBST® Strong袖套
–舒適的平腕帶式袖套, 能減少滾動並提高耐用性
–每個袖套均隨附JOBST®Donning Aid
– 手套上的平縫增加了舒適度
– JOBST Bella Strong手套採用平針織技術

重量120 g
尺寸12.5 × 3 × 21 cm
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