JOBST Bella Lite Armsleeve 20-30 mmHg, LONG (Beige)


The JOBST Bella Lite circular-knit, seamless garments are designed to treat the symptoms of mild to moderate lymphoedema. These comfortable garments can be worn together, separately or as a combined armsleeve to help maintain the limb size of a lymphoedema patient. They provide graduated compression and are available in two compression classes and a range of sizes.

JOBST Bella Lite圓形無縫針織衣物, 旨在治療輕度至中度淋巴水腫的症狀。 這些舒適的衣物可以分開穿著,也可以與袖套組合在一起穿戴,以幫助維持淋巴水腫患者的肢體尺寸。 這系列有不同尺寸,並且提供兩種壓縮級別。


Brand Name: JOBST® Bella™ Lite armsleeves
Made in Mexico
Shelf life: (inside packing)
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Features and Benefits:
– Graduated compression proven to manage lymphoedema
– Garments designed to accurately provide compression levels of 20-30mmHg (class 2)
– Three sizes and two armsleeve lengths to fit a wide range of arm and hand measurements
– Only 2-3 measurements required per fitting
– Soft and air permeable
– Easy to put on and comfortable to wear
– Reduced compression at wrist provides an effective and comfortable fit when armsleeve and gauntlet are worn together
– Durable and machine washable
– Armsleeve and combined armsleeve available with a knitted or dotted silicone band
– Latex-free formulation ensures reduced risk of patient sensitivity or skin reaction
– Beige and black (CCL 2 gauntlet and armsleeve in long only)

–僅需2-3 量度點,便能找到合適尺寸
–米色和黑色(僅限CCL 2手套和長袖)

重量100 g
尺寸12.5 × 3 × 21 cm
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