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About us​




We provide functional natural supplements, skin care, pet, sports and medial grade products.  Through our unique network, we introduce rarely seen high grade products into the Hong Kong market. They are legitimate products imported directly.

We will ensure we understand every product characteristics and reliability before we introduce a product.  We will look into its authenticity and we will use it ourselves.  We works with our partners on a long-term basis, this helps us to understand our partners’ missions and core value.

We focus on health, quality, social responsibility and product ethics.  For our customers and partners, we work to the very finest detail.  We select every product with the perspective of “If we were using it ourselves”, in order to ensure it is made with heart and good quality.

We hope we can improve the quality of your living by using our products, which we selected very carefully.


Our People​

我們的管理團隊包括在醫藥和保健企業擁有超過27年經驗的高級管理人員,其中包括Zuellig Pharma, Kerry Pharma 和 Invida Group(Menarini)。 在聯合利華、361度和寶勝國際等跨國上市公司中經驗豐富的高級IT管理人員,在品牌、分銷和零售擁有30多年的經驗。以及擁有零售,企業管理及電子商務多年經驗的Apple前僱員等等。透過我們獨有的網絡及深度挑選的產品,幫助大家改善生活質素。

Our leadership including experienced Senior Management who has over 27 years in Pharmaceutical and Health Care industries which included Zuellig Pharma, Kerry Pharma and Invida Group(Menarini). Experienced Senior IT Executives in multinational listed companies such as Unilever, 361 Degree and Pou Sheng International have more than 30 years of experience in branding, distribution and retail. As well as former Apple employees with experience in retail, corporation management and e-commerce, etc. We are proud and passionate to providing great products.


Our Partners and Brands​

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